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Star Wars: Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell


NPR’s adaptations of the Star Wars films, written by Brian Daley, are a highlight of radio drama, in my opinion. Originally aired in 1981 (A New Hope), 1983 (The Empire Strikes Back), and finally completed in 1996 (Return of the Jedi), the series expands on the films and provides an immersive experience all its own. This, however, is not one of those episodes.

“Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell” is a children’s album released in 1983. It is a stand-alone tale of happenings between the first two films. It was written by Brian Daley and could very well have been written for the Empire adaptation, but not used. Still, it is very well produced, and I always include it when I listen to the Star Wars radio series. I had the record as a kid and have listened to it countless times. May you enjoy it as much as I have, and may the Force be with you.

“Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell”
Cast: Unknown
Writer: Brian Daley
Producer: Buena Vista Records

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The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd: The Beginning


“The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd” is a wonderfully fun podcast audio drama. Created by Grant Baciocco and Doug Price, it is family friendly entertainment in the style of “Rocky & Bullwinkle” cartoons. The series produced 8 seasons of shows from 2004-2010. Later seasons even feature coded messages at the end of the episodes (and you can still get the official decoder ring on their website!).

The time travel comedy-adventure series is a serial which, again, makes it difficult to pick a favorite single episode. However, most episodes are quite short (4-8 minutes), making it easy to listen to a chunk of them at once. Since the kids and I were hooked on this show from the very start, I thought I’d just go ahead and share the first arc of the series.

These first three episodes (“Where It All Begins… Again!,” “Steve Defeats Floyd!” and “Stop the Presses… And Dr. Steve!”) introduce us to the main characters (Dr. Floyd – the World’s Most Brilliant Scientist!, his protege Dr. Grant, their faithful robot companion CHIPS, and Evil Mastermind Dr. Steve with his sock-shaped assistant, Fidgert) and give us an idea of the fun to come. My kids will actually sit and listen to this show a whole season at a time, laughing out loud almost the whole time. May you and your kids enjoy it as much as we do.

“Where It All Begins… Again!”
“Steve Defeats Floyd!”
“Stop the Presses… And Dr. Steve!”
April 2004
Cast: Grant Baciocco, Doug Price, Nicholas Skinner
Writers: Grant Baciocco & Doug Price
Producers: Grant Baciocco & Doug Price

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