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Black Jack Justice: The Albatross


“Black Jack Justice” is Decoder Ting Theatre’s second main series (I previously talked about ” The Red Panda Adventures”). This is Gregg Taylor’s unique take on the hard-boiled detective genre. One of the twists Taylor gives us is dual detectives – the titular Jack Justice and his partner, Trixie Dixon, girl detective.

Beginning in 2005, “Black Jack Justice” and “Red Panda” alternated airing in sets of 6 episodes. Currently, BJJ – also in its eighth season – debuts new episodes on the 15th of the month from September through February. Taylor produced 12 episodes for the first season, but the series has had 6 episodes per season since (with a fill-in series rounding out each year). The series is reminiscent of the wonderful Old Time Radio detective shows like “Sam Spade,” “Philip Marlowe” and “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.”

This particular episode may not be the best one for an introduction, but it is my absolute favorite. One of the most dramatic episodes of the series, “The Albatross” focuses on my favorite supporting character, Police Lt. Victor Sabien, played by series creator Gregg Taylor. In this episode, Sabien is haunted by the murder of a young girl. The department wants the case to disappear, so Sabien enlists Jack and Trixie to try and find out what happened. While Christopher Mott (Jack) and Andrea Lyons (Trixie) are always wonderful in this series, this episode belongs to Taylor. The emotion on display here should have earned him an Academy Award, if such a thing existed for audio drama.

As I said, this episode may not be the best choice for an introduction to the series, and it can be a hard listen even for longtime followers. It is, however, a dang fine piece of drama and well worth listening to. I hope you give it a listen.

“The Albatross”
January 14, 2011
Cast: Christopher Mott, Andrea Lyons, Gregg Taylor, Clarissa Der Nederlanden, Peter Nicol
Writer: Gregg Taylor
Director: Gregg Taylor

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Night Beat: A World All of His Own


“Night Beat,” like “The Six Shooter,” is an Old Time Radio series that I had never really heard much about. Everyone knows about the Lone Ranger, Jack Benny, the Shadow, etc, but there are gems out there that are not as well known that we stumble upon accidently. In this case, I decided to seek out the series when I saw that Radio Archives released a book based on the show and written by several New Pulp authors. I’m glad I did, as the series has proved to be excellent. Frank Lovejoy, who had played radio super hero the Blue Beetle previously, stars as Randy Stone, a night reporter for the Chicago Star. The show originally ran on NBC from February 6 – November 10, 1950. It was brought back for a special broadcast in March 1951, and then returned from May 18, 1951 until September 25, 1952.

In this episode, William Conrad guest stars as a punch-druck former boxing champion. Besides being Matt Dillon on radio’s “Gunsmoke” (and the narrator for “Rocky & Bullwinkle”), Conrad guest-starred in many Old Time Radio series, and often multiple times in multiple roles. I’ve heard him in many shows over the years, but this performance is quite a standout. This episode has been called “heart-wrenching,” and I cannot argue that statement. I hope you enjoy it.

“A World All of His Own”
February 20, 1950
Cast: Frank Lovejoy, William Conrad, Lurene Tuttle, Larry Dobkin, Bill Lally, Leo Cleary
Writer: Russell Hughes
Director: Warren Lewis

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