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Audio Dramatists in Prose

I had not really planned to veer into other subjects already, but both of these prose works by two of my favorite modern audio dramatists hit the same day, so I wanted to help promote them.

First, Tim Prasil has begun officially releasing his “Vera Van Slyke: Help for the Haunted” short stories over on his blog.  I read and enjoyed the preview releases, and am also reading these revised official releases.  The first story, “The Minister’s Unveiling,” is available now for free in epub, kindle and pdf formats.  Tim has written a total of 9 Showcase episodes for Decoder Ring Theatre, including fantastic “Marvellous Boxes” anthology.  I urge you to check out his DRT and Vera Van Slyke stories.

Next, Decoder Ring Theatre’s Chief Bottle Washer, Gregg Taylor, has a new novel out in ebook form (print coming in the very near future).  “Finn’s Golem” is not connected to his Red Panda or Black Jack Justice work.  It is the third and final version of his sci-fi/detective story about private investigator Drake Finn.  Longtime DRT followers may remember the Showcase episode “I.D.0,” which was the second version of the story (the first was an unfinished mobile video series titled “Clean Slate”).

For more on Tim Prasil’s Vera Van Slyke, and to get the first story, go here:

To get “Finn’s Golem” by Gregg Taylor, you can go to the Smashwords store:

or the Kindle store (print coming soon via Amazon):