Power Records’ Superman: The Mxyzptlk-Up Meance


Like many comic book fans my age, I had a few of the Power Records/Peter Pan Records story albums as a kid. I didn’t have many, I think the Lone Ranger and a Superman album were it, but my friends had others and we would listen to them and read along with the comics if we were lucky enough to have the book & record version.

My Superman album was one of the later versions (pictured above). It had two stories which had previously been released on separate albums, resulting in Superman being voiced by a different actor in each story. The one I’m sharing today – “The Mxyzptlk-Up Menace” – features my favorite of the two Superman voices. Power Records cast lists are by-and-large a top secret piece of information, but according to a blog I read a year or so ago, Old Time Radio veteran Elliott Lewis was the Man of Steel for this adventure.

Power Records were intended completely for children’s entertainment – this was before the days of the VCR, after all – and, as a result, plots are often kind of silly. In this one, Mr. Mxyzptlk takes away all the vowels in the world. Today, it’s fun listening to the actors try and read their vowel-less lines, but as a kid this was a serious dilema. How could Superman save the day and send Mxyzptlk back to his own dimension? I hope you’ll listen and find out.

“The Mxyzptlk-Up Menace”
Cast: Elliott Lewis
Producer: Power Records

Download & Listen:

For additional fun, read the comic book:


Find more about Power Records here:



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