Monthly Archives: December 2012

A Few Words…


I just wanted to share some thoughts I have on audio drama.  I have come to consider it my favorite form of entertainment.  I can listen while I drive, while I shovel snow, while I wash dishes, even while I work out.  I can fit it into my schedule.  Everyday there are a million things going on so I cannot always find time to read or watch a movie, and forget about a weekly TV show.  Thanks to my mp3 player, I can listen whenever.

One thing I’ve learned about AD is to not judge a series based on listening to only one episode (and never the audition episode, which often is quite different from the way a series turns out).  A few years ago, I listened to one episode of the Red Panda.  I couldn’t get past the organ music and didn’t listen again until January, 2012.  Once I had decided to listen to a few episodes to really get a feel for it, the Red Panda quickly became one of my top favorite series.  I can say the same for many other shows.  Now, I always try to listen to 3-4 episodes before I make up my mind about a series. 

I am not a critic or a reviewer.  Today, the people who create new AD and share OTR do it purely for the love of the medium, and there is nothing more noble than that.  Every writer, actor, producer, director and listener has their own tastes and preferences.  I am of the “if you can’t say anything nice…” persuasion, so I am simply sharing episodes I especially enjoy.

I am not here to do my own podcast.  I am not adding my own intros or anything.  I will link to the downloads and pages from either the AD production companies themselves or the Internet Archive for OTR.  I am simply pointing out things I enjoy, hoping others will too.


Maybe I’ll Try This


In the coming year I’m actually going to try to use this space.  To start, I’m going to write about one of my favorite past times – Old Time Radio/Audio Drama, though I may venture into other things from time to time. 

Having missed the Golden Age of Radio by a couple of decades, I attribute a large portion of my interest in audio drama to my repeated listening of Power Records and the “Story of Star Wars” albums as a kid.  It gave me an appreciation of the medium most younger people don’t have.  Hopefully in sharing things like the Lone Ranger and the Red Panda with my kids, I pass on the love of the art form so it will never die out completely.